About the Journal of African Interdisciplinary Studies

Journal of African Interdisciplinary Studies (JAIS) is a refereed academic journal that provides opportunities for publication of interdisciplinary research carried out in all parts of the world, with focus on Africa. It is a dynamic platform which provides scholars from various disciplinary persuasions opportunity to share their research findings and new theoretical innovations in knowledge creation. The journal targets university and other advanced researchers who are keen to disseminate unique findings to a wide audience. The journal provides room for both junior and senior scholars to present their ideas and research findings in various disciplinary fields. Intended to serve scholars researching on Africa and the whole world, the journal seeks to make noble efforts for the enlightenment of multidisciplinary issues using case studies and examples from all parts of the world. We produce this electronic journal monthly and promote the vibrant research entries with precise and appropriate touches and by bridging the gap between perception and the inception. Join us to sail beyond local horizons and move into global and deep academic reflections that add to knowledge creation in a robust manner.


  • Area of concentration: Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary
  • Frequency of publishing: Monthly
  • Mode of publishing: online (e-journal)
  • Language of publication: English
  • Double Blind Review Process
  • Zero Level Plagiarism Tolerance
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