May 2020 Journal Articles

Kajongwe & Chirovamavi Leadership Styles and Implications on the Banking Sector in Zimbabwe

Benson Ohihon Igboin Christian Ethics and Sustainable Church Growth in Nigeria

Kajongwe Dynamics of Customer Relationship Management and Performance in SMEs in Zimbabwe

Kajongwe et al Assessment of Financial Structural Change Commercial Banks in Zimbabwe

Kavu Shorai Modelling an hourly load profile for an archetypal load rural community in Zimbabwe

Learpanai & Muhindi Evaluation of Military Diplomacy Influence on Physical Security in Dhobley, Somalia

Mensah et al Discourses on Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks in Research

Richard Guto ICT Usage in Record Management & Prevention of Corruption in Public Universities in Kenya

Undiyaundeye & Anakwu Effects of Fear and Management of the Pandemic-Covid-19 on the Nigerian Economy