November 2021 Journal Articles

  1. Barigye Mwirumubi  Kasekende Records Creation and Administrative Staff Performance
  2. Chatiza et al Employee Engagement and Service Delivery in Tertiary Institutions
  3. Cordeiro et al Pastoral Demand and Burnout among Catholic Priests
  4. Ghaddafi  Hamasi Intergovernmental Authority on Development
  5. Kiambati et al Determinants of Friendly Digital Library Interfaces
  6. Mbiya Kyalo  Oluoch Factors Influencing Utilization of Health Information System
  7. Nyilima et al Prevalence and Maternal Correlates of Anemia among Infants
  8. Wandere Gender Sexual Variations and Sexual Rights

October 2021 Journal Articles

  1. Agesa  Mbirithi Effectiveness of Guidance and Counseling for Indiscipline in Schools
  2. Boniface Korobe Dynamics of Turkana Socio-Political Organization
  3. Macharia et al Communication of Social Messages in Task-Oriented Instant
  4. Maguta Machira  Koome Impacts of Communal Violence on Human Security in Njoro Sub-County
  5. Muyaka  Sitati Societal Structures and their Influence on Boys’ Participation
  6. Ngare et al Proposed Information Security Framework for Organizational Culture
  7. Osaji Olasupo The Role of Christian Religious Leadership in the Transformational Development
  8. Toweh Kinyanjui  Hamasi Participatory Approach in the Reintegration of Ex-Combatants in Liberia
  9. Yugi Katiba  Kaaria Psycho Social Factors contributing to men refusal to seek HTC services

July 2021 Journal Articles

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