Journal Articles 9th Group

  1. Awoniyi Sunday - Historical and Religio-Ethical Enquiry into Terrorism in Nigeria
  2. Charity Boateng - Finding a Sustainable Solution to the Kayayei Problem in Ghana
  3. Ganga and Munyanyi - Teaching and Learning of Environmental Science at Primary School Level
  4. Mapiko and Ganga - A Psychosocial Inquiry into the Impact of the Termination of the ‘earn and learn’ Programme in Zimbabwe
  5. Mwania, Senaji & Orero - Influence of Collaterals on Financial Inclusion in Machakos County, Kenya
  6. Nasong'o - Rethinking Africa’s Development Models
  7. Ogunleye - An Epistle to the Indigenous Yoruba Worshippers in Nigeria
  8. Oywak Sisto Otim - The Dilemma of Access for Students from Low-Income Families in South Sudan Public Universities